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Welcome to our new Webcam Map page!

This map contains up to 10 random webcam sites from the location you have chosen. Click on the balloon icons to display information about and a link to the webcam site.

Use the controls in the upper-left of the map to pan and zoom. You can also reposition the map by dragging it with your mouse.

Use the links below the map to display a full list of webcams for this location, choose another location, or to reload a fresh selection of webcams for this location.

Stay tuned as we add more maps in the near future!

Webcam sites listed on this map

PlanetDan TV
A live video stream from a webcam that is located in Ipswich, England. This is a mobile webcam so the view may suddenly change.

Whats happening at the first true 21st century science centre

Great Yarmouth Weather-Watch and Skyline
Great Yarmouth weather-watch and skyline. Update every 10 seconds.

Live from Leeds - Clothworkers Court
Leeds University - Clothworkers Court

CIS Live
A live view of the computer terraces housing over 600 PC-clones, SUN SPARC stations and APPLE MACS - University of Sunderland

All About Sussex
A webcam of the seaside at Littlehampton, West Sussex, England.

The offices of the leading academic and science recruitment website Coventry. Updates every 15 seconds.

Picture Framing Cam
Picture framing webcam. Pointing at the work bench. You might see watercolours being framed, x-stitches or oil paintings. You may even see some more unusual items being frames such as football shirts or golf balls.

BBC Southern Counties
A webcam showing the sea front at Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

ParaCam at Craig Y Nos Castle
View the monitors and seek the paranormal!!

NetCam XL - Network Camera
"If Mercedes-Benz were going to build a network camera, this would be it" - epinions.com

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